Thursday, 22 November 2012

self doubt


Romy Chacin said...

I just starting to painting more frecuently. I decided that I would will be taking my passion more seriously. All the feeling that you have I had had for a while and believe me is not easy. The lack of knowlege and the feeling of not been enough. But let me tell you something you are a great great artist and when I see your painting I feel like I would love to paint like you with a total freedom. You are an inspiration for many persons, just doing what you love that is painting. Keep doing what you do, it is a gif that you have and share.
Thank you for be you!

Elaine said...

I think they're putting something in the water! I'm fed up of trying to fit in too ... it all seems to go to pot once you try making a living out of your art it seems - the unwanted advice and rules and categorization start to roll in, followed quickly by self-doubt. It's hateful.