Friday, 13 September 2013

hello everyone!

well its about time i started a news letter, better late than never!

well, gosh...finally after a lot of changes, moving, bad depression and loads of stress... things have finally settled for me, i am feeling calm and at peace, its a wonderful feeling, i am still adjusting to it, its so nice to be able to think clearly.

I had lost my mojo but its coming back :)

i have had a very enjoyable summer, lots of picnics, beaches and camping trips.

the english weather has not been too bad

i hope you all had a good summer too:)
mitsi xxx

Please also come and visit my ning site where i hold lots of on going classes

click on images for class information

thank you all for your ongoing support painting is my passion and i am glad i have the opportunity to share it with you

buy my art here

painting again and trying to catch up with my 30 painting in september challenge! well its day 13 and i managed to do 4 today!...only 9 to catch up with now :)
i have decided to put all of these paintings i do up for sale! i will sell them from my blog keep a look out! :) 

lillies 16 x 12 on watercoulour paper
£15.00 (aprox 23usd)

fox gloves
6 x 8 inches on watercolour paper

mixed media on paper
6 x 8 inches
£10 (approx $15 usd)

mixed media on paper
£10 (15 usd approx)

1 comment:

rachel jones said...

Nice to hear from you again mitsib, knowing you've come through the whatevers and painting again.