Tuesday, 1 October 2013

i have a new mini class on my ning site
come and see here 

PRICE: $30 USD [approx £18 GBP]
Registration is open and ongoing, and you may purchase this class via the "buy now" button 

I made this introduction video for you:

What we'll be doing:
In this class, I'll guide you through creating a face from start to finish using aqua markers.
This class is perfect for beginners: no drawing skills are required and we'll use easy, simple steps to create a finished work of art, that will inspire you to go and create further!
What you'll get:
Over an hour of instructional video with lots of tips and inspiration from an experienced watercolour artist.
Supplies [click for larger image]:

Availability of content:
The class material will be available to you for an unlimited period, so you can access it whenever you wish. I hope you'll join me!
Mitsi x

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