Thursday, 29 January 2015

gosh! i have not been around here much, i have not really felt like communicating with anyone these last couple of months. I have been recovering from a very unpleasant break up, its only been the last week where i have been feeling ok about what happened and i feel that i am moving forward. when you have been through a traumatic time its quite scary how it effects you and you don't really realise. well, with help and some lovely friends and family (oh and a lovely Sir Cyril dog) that have supported me through it, i have come out the other side with a sense of calmness and a new happiness... onwards and upwards!
 i started my daily journal on the 10th November here is the post i didn't stop, i think i just stopped showing the pages as after 23 November images got a bit personal so i didn't show them... but i carried on, it helped me vent some issues and i feel i can show it now in this flick through video, enjoy!