Monday, 27 August 2012

oh monday again! and a bank holiday too, but i have no exciting plans for toady!
just catching up on a few things that i have let slip by! Last week i decided i needed to organise my life as i was rather overwhelmed by so many things i just found i couldn't cope any more....needless to say i started doing things, like tidying up chucking out paper work that is not needed.....i think its all to do with i have to do my tax return!!! arghhhhhhh!  the thought of it sends me off into lala land where id rather just plod along in my little rabbit world and not take any notice of important things!
soooo...i am trying to stay away from lala land for at least a few hours in the day and actually accomplish important things!.....updating my blog is one of them may i add!! *pats myself on back!
i have exciting new lessons i am teaching and i thought it best that i maybe should really look as if i know what i am doing ;)

i was so very excited to be featured in Redpepper Magazine this month, it was a fantastic pictorial 4 page spread!

all very exciting stuff!

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MadBirdDesignsUK said...

Well done Mitsi you have worked hard and deserve a bit of success. Where RU teaching? Hope it goes well. Joan - Old LMM artist ;-)