Friday, 27 September 2013

the both of me

this is a a painting i did in 2012, i thought id write a bit about it. It measures 22 x 30 inches on archival watercolour paper. I used many different media to paint this, acrylic, spray paint, acrylic ink, pastels, neocolours, graphite and charcoal. I painted this outside whist i was artist in residence here.
i titled this painting 'the both of me', as it is about the different sides a person can have which are not often seen, most of my work is concentrated around human emotions. When i painted this i was doing some soul searching, and i realised that i have a very caring side of me that is often taken advantage of, sometimes i think i care too much?....can you care too much?
My other side is a very frivolous side, where i come across as a happy go lucky person that doesn't really seem to give a shit about anything much.....sometimes its all about finding a balance between the two.

the both of me30 x 22 inches on paper£250available here unframed

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