Wednesday, 16 October 2013

make art that sells

i am doing the Lilla Rogers course 'make art that sells' we have just started part b. Our first assignment is paper goods and we had to design a christmas card!
i am having terrible difficulties with 'style'...
i have different styles and never know which one to go with....those who know me know i have my traditional watercolour style then i have my free expression style. i am confused! i am going to try and mix the two up to produce something more user friendly yet still free and a bit edgy!
these are the confusing muddle of design i did for this week!

see.... what a confusing muddle!


moyra scott said...

Hey Mitsi. I do think you have a style, but not sure if any of these cards are it! its good to try new things tho.

Black Goat Folk Art of Vermont said...

Those are cool. I am glad you say you have different styles when painting different things. I do also and thought there was something wrong with me at first but found it depends on the subject or the material I am painting on that dictates some style. Picasso had a few different styles himself so little me isn`t going to worry about it much. Happy Holiday

reginaangel said...

I like the go nuts-card. I think it's cool. I think you should stick to your style. It is unique and I love it. The other stuff that is out there looks all the same to me. And boring!!! I think it is important what your basic feelings and opinions about these traditions are, like x-mas or easter etc.. There are many people who hate x-mas, for example, or feel sad at x-mas. I mean you cannot expect from yourself to make a happy, decorative card, harmonic etc. when you actually do not care about tradition or have bad feelings about these things and there should be room for that, too.

OSr Group said...

Wow this is amazing, well done!!
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