Monday, 10 November 2014

Mindful Monday

Today has been a day of thought for me, for those who don't know I suffer from depression, this year has been rather bad for me, but over the last month I have felt strong enough to start cutting down on my medication. I have been having withdrawal symptoms, and also been suffering from vertigo ( a very strange sensation). I have found the appearance of 'feelings' a little hard to cope with at times, but I am happy I have them back, I was rather fed up with not having them, everything was...whatever, I don't mind! The biggest change has been my motivation to paint, I can't stop! I was going through a very bad patch of loss of mojo, but having my feelings return and the main motivation for me to paint is emotions, it's all rathe wonderful, the only trouble now is I just want to paint all the time and do nothing else, not even sleep. I now am feeling rather shattered, but in the whole it's wonderful to start getting the real me back.
So to celebrate this I am starting a little challenge for myself to do an art journal page a day up until the  31st December. Anyone who wishes to join me in my art journal adventure is welcome..I will start a group on my ning site I am also motivated to keep my blog updated :) 

Today's journal page :) 

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rachel jones and art said...

Well done for organizing a "plan".Very smart. Work through it and looking forward towards your creative burst for however long it naturally plays out.