Saturday, 1 August 2015

TOO MUCH PAST mixed media painting


I am doing a painting everyday in august, just a mini challenge for myself to try and get my mojo back. Yes i have fallen off the tracks a bit with my art, and life a bit, drifted of to this strange place where i just seem to think a lot and not really achieve anything.
i hope that by challenging myself to do this its will give me a kick up the arse i need! haha!

every painting i do will be for sale, i will keep the costs low and the same for each one £40 inc P&P to anywhere. I will try to do a video for each painting, either talking about it or me painting it.

too much past
A3 on paper



Michellem said...

Love watching you painting intuitively - thanks for the video!!

Sunshineshelle said...